About Us

We’re the best in the business.

Established in 1997 by Rick Martinez, an ABC Board Certified Pedorthist with master’s degree in Orthopedic Shoe Making from Frankfurt, Germany.

We Create Solutions Tailored To You

Whether you have flat feet, aching feet (or knees, hips or back,), or just looking for something to fit your lifestyle (all day comfort or active wear) our staff of skilled Orthopedic & pedorthist in Marietta will be able to help. During your initial consultation we’ll use computerized scanning technology as well as perform a gait analysis and foot evaluation to determine exactly what is going on with your feet. We’ll come up with a solution for minimizing or alleviating your foot pain and discomfort. We utilize pressure mapping technology to map out the sole of your foot, allowing us to see in great detail where your pain points are and imbalance exists. Based on this scan, we can produce a custom crafted orthotic that is designed to your entire body’s needs, bringing it back to comfortable alignment and eliminate your pain.

The Experience and Difference

Chances are you have tried over the counter generic insoles or off the rack “solutions”. At Foot Dynamics, we get to understand your needs. We know not all feet are the same, everyone has a unique pair of feet with its own individual needs. That’s why we work closely with our clients with the goal to create the best experience and solutions to help you walk away from pain. Other stores or practices simply have the goal to sell you shoes or generic insoles.

Our goal is to send you home feeling your best and help you move with joy. Whether you’re looking for a solution to fit your everyday routine, fit your athletic life, or correct problems in your foot, we are here to help.